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A Message from the Voice Teacher


I believe in passing on great knowledge, learned secrets, and good ideas. In my life, I've accrued some of each, and continue to pursue more.

I've been a professional singer, actress and vocal teacher for over 20 years.

I began studying the Vocal Power Method with Elisabeth Howard about 25 years ago. She taught me to use my own talents in a consistent and powerful manner. With the Vocal Power Method I've had a long, healthy career.

I've travelled all over the world performing on stages , the small screen, the large screen and the radio. In all sorts of professional venues, I've sung everything from Opera to Music Theater toJazz. Though I only speak English (and a little Spanish), I've sung in Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Tagalag and Japanese. I've had the joy of performing with many, many talented and famous people!

I'm home now... and I spend my time teaching fabulous people, young and old... and I love it.

I still have plenty of opportunities to perform, but choose to mostly remain local, so that I can dedicate myself to my family and my students.

I have 2 Studios:  Temecula and Pasadena.

Contact me for details: 626-222-3953

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