The Vocal Power Method

"Vocal Power is the consummate vocal method, giving the singer control of the instrument and versatility of style... the singer understands the whole spectrum of tools available in the singing voice."
(Donna Hinds Sawyers - Vocal Power Assoc. in TX)

The Vocal Power Method simply approaches the voice as in instrument, and gives you the tools to "play" it any way you like. You want to sing Opera? Great. You want to sing R&B? Great! Any style of singing can be broken down and approached technically to give you the power to succeed.

The Vocal Power Method teaches you many, many secrets to vocal success, incuding:
-the balance between the vocal folds and air
-good support comes from the back

And much much more!

Contact me for details: gretchenweiss99@gmail.com 626-222-3953

Vocal Power Beginnings

Elisabeth Howard (Juliard BFA and MFA and voice teacher for over 50 years) developed the Vocal Power Method to fill the gaps left in her education, to ensure her own vocal health and to enhance her vocal performance. This method has been honed and perfected over the years, and is now accessible to her students, and her associate's students, of which I am one. To see more about Liz, go to her website: www. vocalpowerinc.com

Your Voice is your Instrument

Treat your voice as an instrument. It can have the power to convey great emotion, beauty and MUSIC.